Organizations are challenged with how they remain agile, adaptive, and competitive while simultaneously understating the implications of number new devices, applications, and virtualized services. Mobiliey is the key underlying element that spans and enables each of these dynamics. Neil Reid has a unique ability to map whole wireless solutions to business strategy.

– Blake Salle, Vice President of U.S. Emerging Technology Sales, Cisco Systems

Asking “why” in an industry that is largely shaped by asking “how” makes Neil Reid one of the rare technologists in the high tech industry. Neil’s thoughtful insights take on even greater importance for CEO’s tackling the explosion of wireless devices and the mobile web.

– Bob Olwig, Vice President, Corporate Business Development, World Wide Technology, Inc

Mobility and wireless are typically seen as technologies. Neil Reid defines them in business, user experience, and market driven terms every non-technologist can understand. Neil’s broad views and deep understanding of how mobility drives business and the development of our society makes his contributions a must have for any senior executive and manager in the IT industry.

– Ozzie Diaz, President and CEO, AirPatrol Corp, and mobility industry strategist

Neil Reid’s strategies to practice Smart Targeting and Key Vertical Marketing have enabled businesses to dramatically in crease sales. I know this to be a fact because I have worked with Neil for years and through the implementation of his forward thinking strategies, our mobility sales have increased significantly.

– Dianna Schoenman, Vice President and General Manager, NEC Corporation of America

Neil Reid helps us understand how wireless technologies play into the ubiquity required of today’s service oriented network architectures. He takes us out the world of wireless products and into the world of borderless networking capabilities, where the focus on “what it does” is much more than “what it is”.

– Andrew Caldwell, Vice President of Sales, INX