Neil's BIO

Mr. Reid has been in high technology since the early 1980s’ and has been in the licensed and unlicensed wireless technology industry since the early 1990’s.

He is an internationally invited consultant and speaker to industry and academia on mobility subjects ranging from value propositions and success metrics for executives and graduate business schools, to complex RF propagation and project sequencing for engineers.

He has published three books on wireless technology through McGraw-Hill of New York, the second of which became a best seller, the third released in June of 2010 entitled “The Why of Wireless”.

His experience includes many of the worlds largest WiFi deployments at some of the worlds largest sporting venues. As the primary WiFi consultant for British Telecom’s Open Zone public WiFi deployment, Mr. Reid recently helped deploy over one thousand access points across nine major venues for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

His extensive experience in many other major WiFi deployments includes the 2004 and 2010 Super Bowl, the 2010 World Series (San Francisco), numerous college stadiums, regional retail super warehouses, nuclear power plants, shipyards, hospitals, and major outdoor venues.

He was at Cisco Systems from 1999 to 2011 where his responsibilities ranged from top ranked wireless engineer to senior manager of business development for wireless. He founded the advanced Systems Engineering Virtual Team for mobility at Cisco in 1999, and co-wrote numerous wireless engineering certification courses for Cisco training partners including the original CCIE, CCNP, and CCNA certifications. The CCxx type certification has long been considered the world standard for network engineers.

He is the originator of detailed mobility sales analytics and smart sales targeting for a number of Cisco’s top performing partners. This analytics methodology expanded to include unified communications, data center and security practices.

These analytics, along with a comprehensive tactical and strategic implementation, are now the standard practice with some of Cisco’s top partners.

Mr. Reid is also the originator of Optimal Project Sequencing (OPS) which is a methodology for IT project management. This methodology was developed by him while he was assigned to recover a number of the world’s most complex and largest wireless deployments. OPS is now in use by numerous Cisco partners and customers around the world and is featured in his third book published world wide by McGraw-Hill of New York.

He has successfully developed not only the network architectures, but also highly complex engagement sequences for some of the largest WLAN’s in the world in the nuclear power generation industry, heavy manufacturing, healthcare, education, and retail industries.

One of Mr. Reid’s specialties and consulting deliverable is recovering complex projects from near failure to long term and sustainable positive outcomes for major WLAN resellers, end customers users.

Mr. Reid enjoyed nearly thirteen wonderful years at Cisco, at which time he accepted a generous early retirement package in 2011.

The fire and passion for mobility and the IT industry remains with him. In response to numerous requests from world class Cisco partners during the receipt of the retirement package, he has launched Neil Reid & Associates to continue and extend those outstanding and profitable relationships.

Mr. Reid’s focal points include complex WiFi RF design and high density WiFi RF design. Monetizing mobility is one of the most important and relevant industry subjects today.

Above all, maintaining a clear and tight focus on revenue generation and other key performance indicators is just one way Neil Reid & Associates adds value to any IT operation.