We have more than twenty years of hands-on WLAN expertise with a proven track record from the smallest to the largest Wi-Fi deployments in the world. We are managing consultants to some of the world’s finest and largest technology companies, high profile large public venues, and premier resellers of network technology who wish to expand into Wi-Fi.

A great deal of our work in the last number of years has been in stadiums in the U.S. and abroad. This includes experience at some of the worlds largest deployments, such as the 2012 London Olympics. As the primary WiFi consultant for British Telecom’s Open Zone public WiFi deployment, we recently helped deploy over one thousand access points across nine major venues and 500 outdoor acres for public access by millions of prospective users. We achieved this in an incredibly short time with significant resource, time, and premises access restrictions. The outcome? A flawless Wi-Fi system that carried traffic for millions of visitors to the Olympic Games.

We specialize in state of the art high density and high capacity AP deployments. We believe our understanding of these designs and functional requirements is unrivaled in the industry and we constantly push the envelope in terms of what is known in these deployments. We tightly incorporate the vital project sequencing and engineering methodologies required to reduce risk and assure outcomes at every WiFi deployment. Our methodologies have never stopped improving from the first systems we developed in the very early 1990’s. Our project sequencing discipline began years before most of our respected peers began those processes, and yet we can move with exceptional project velocity because we know what to focus on, and what is of lesser importance. We never stop learning and improving our practices. The result: some of the fastest turn arounds for design, deployment, while at the same time de-risking liabilities to the end customer, our partners and suppliers.

We know the difference between coverage and capacity based Wi-Fi designs, and there are non-trivial considerations to knowing which of these design principles to incorporate, and critically also, how to blend them within a single facility. We know how to do very large projects quickly, and with very little down time due to exceptional project management and communication techniques. We know how partners, engineers, consultants, technicians, customers, and end users think and we use that to our advantage in every project.

We are proud of what we’ve been able to help achieve, and look forward to helping connect you deliver high performance Wi-Fi capabilities in any large public or private venue. We are seeing an explosive growth in large public venues, and we believe the very best is ahead of us for joint opportunities with our customers, partners and suppliers.

Our personnel are highly experienced, hand picked, world class, and will help you every step of the way. Let us help you resolve complex problems and alliances with new levels of insight.

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